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  I have studied Non Violent Communication (NVC) for 24 years. I have participated in 2 years of an immersion program and assisted in another year. I have completed 2 years of BayNVC's leadership program and assisted for a year. I have taught at my church, the First Unitarian Church of Oakland, and at the East Bay Meditation Center (a Buddhist Center in downtown Oakland) as well as over the phone to those who are chronically ill and disabled. I was part of a team that produced a show for KPFA (94.1 FM) called Talk It Out Radio that brings the skills of mindfulness meditation and NVC to social justice work. I bring great depth, compassion, and insight to my work with others as well as awareness of issues of social justice. I particularly like to bring love to those parts of ourselves and to those we encounter in our lives who we don't find it easy to love.

      INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS cost $120-60 sliding scale. One way empathy gives exquisite individual attention to support you in being more self connected and able to be clear in your life. Coaching can help you practice an upcoming difficult conversation. It is also possible to redo a conversation that has already happened that didn't go as well as one would have liked as both a healing and to increase the possibility that a similar conversation will go better.

      MEDIATIONS can help conflicting parties to hear each other with more open hearts which often results in coming to solutions that work better for all involved. Most mediations take at least 1 1/2 hours and have better results if the parties involved get one-way empathy beforehand (ask me about reduced rates for pre-mediation empathy).

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