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Group Dog Walks – Monday thru Friday early afternoon off leash play in various locations such as the Oakland hills or Albany Bulb

$25/walk for 4 or 5 walks/week

$27/walk for 2 or 3 walks/week

$29/walk for 1 walk/week or as needed

$5 off for two dogs from the same household

Individual Dog Walks on Leash

$32 for 30 minutes

$42 for 2 dogs from the same household

Pet Care – feeding, playing, touch, giving medicine, plant care

$25 for a half hour visit/day

$23 each for 2 half hour visits/day

House-sitting – This includes the above pet care. Because of my own health limitations I am unable to house-sit in a house that has been recently painted with VOC paint, recently varnished, has new rugs, or is heavily scented.


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