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In Sickness and in Joy by Marlena Willis

to Quelyn

When I hang out

With someone I love,

I find myself


A bit of who she is.

I find I notice

And want to chase


I want to howl

At sirens.

I notice scents.


I already notice scents

As I deal with

Disabling fatigue

As the result of

Petro chemically based scent.

Would my struggles with those

Who choose to wear scent

Be more easily resolved

If I bowed slightly

And started,

Inviting being chased

Or chasing?

Or if I sniffed their rear

While letting them sniff mine?

Would they understand

If I growled?

When I encounter

Someone, who is safe,

Someone, who is scent free,

Would my vestigial tail


Would we mouth

Each other’s bodies

And roll over

And under one another?

Have I...

Will I

Catcht her joy?

I hope I am


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